shortening substitute for pie crust

I also use a marble rolling pin that I refrigerate before using. You may use crunchy or smooth peanut butter. Welcome Amber! Thank you for the recipe I made mini pumkin pies I used butter and coconut oil I would have liked to use lard but I’m allergic to pork My crust was nice Thanks for letting me know about the coconut, This tender, flaky pastry is perfect for so many pies but my favorite use is hand pies. Vegetable shortening is a solid, usually hydrogenated fat made from vegetable oil, such as palm, cottonseed, or soybean oil. Crisco - and others like it - make great pie crusts. Oh. My grandpa always used lard, and let me tell you, it made the BEST pie crust! Err on the side of crumbly! I only use them for cleaning out the litter box or putting in wastebaskets. They roll them in balls, wrap in plastic wrap, and then sell a ziploc with 8 balls in each. Usually when mine are tough it’s b/c I overworked the dough. There are recipes that use oil instead of shortening, but the pie crusts come out a different texture, and flavor. Cut in the fat using a pastry blender or two knives. Sign up for our daily newsletter for more great articles and tasty, healthy recipes. However further down the book does state that shortening primarily does refer to vegetable oils. Originally Answered: What is the best substitute for shortening in pie crust? Using butter in place of shortening is very easy as it is just a simple one to one swap. I’m new to the kitchen 🙂, Hmmmm… I’m pretty sure that coconut butter is made from the flesh of the coconut, so I think the results would be quite different that coconut oil. I then use water from the tap rather than ice water. Been looking for a plain and simple pie crust recipe like this for ages, thank you so much! We also called margerine Oleo too. So if you want a fat that’s easy to work with and makes for a flaky crust, pick vegetable shortening! Since shortening is a hydrogenated, “fake” fat, I haven’t had it in my home for years. Combine flour and salt. Little chunks of butter, coconut oil, or lard are perfectly o.k. Sorry if I’m not naming the recipe correctly, I’m at work, but it is absolutely AMAZING! A Homemade Shortening Pie Crust can be made in just minutes. Would this be a better alternative to shortening and can you use it in place of shortening in recipes? I love a tender, flaky crust that is just barely brown on the edges, never burnt or crispy. It is also very nice for curried meat pies. I am going to try this recipe the next pie I make, which will be soon as Hubby loves pie. Eskay Lim / EyeEmGetty Images. What a great time and mess saver. Yes, the pastry cloth is a great idea. Pecan Pie is a favourite! I’ve always been a snob for homemade pie crust, too, and was at a total loss as to what to do now that we don’t use shortening (I actually keep a can of the nasty stuff for the *very* rare occasions we choose to treat ourselves – I always think “poison” when I see it in my cupboard). If you use salted butter you may not need to add the extra salt. Replace the fat in your pie crust recipe with the same amount of margarine. It makes a fine pie shell. Hi there, How do you adjust the recipe if you want to put crust on top of the pie??? We use whole wheat flour and lard from a local pig […], […] See also: How do you make pie crust without shortening? Butter is a simple substitute for shortening. Thanks for such a great article! It can also be chilled before using if you fold it up. I have a question about Lard you can purchase at the store. Then you only have to loosen that last quarter to lift the whole crust, lay it in your pan, and unfold it. For you double this recipe for a double crust pie? And yes, I recommend using salted butter in pie crust, for tastier results. If you have a friend raising pastured pork they may be willing to share or give it to you. Shortening 1, butter 1. 🙂, Ah good to know! I have found if I melt the coconut oil then add to the flour, it mixes much easier. Here is one that might work for you: Ingredients: Cold Butter – make … Follow these instructions if your recipe calls for a pre-baked crust. How did freezing your crusts world for you?! It is a little sturdier than standard pastry without losing that element of fragility and it’s so easy! Hi Jill! 🙂. I’ve heard margarine called Oleo before, but I never knew that some folks called lard or butter shortening! Add buttermilk and vanilla. If you can get it from a local farmer, it’s a good choice, esp for those of us following a more traditional diet. I made 6 crusts (3 in the freezer for later on) and made 3 pecan pies last night. Honestly I think I like it better than butter for fruit pies. I haven’t, but I’ve been saving our (pasture raised & uncured) bacon drippings and have a link on how to render bacon fat into lard. We use the frozen butter and grater when we make our biscuits. Carefully add the water, one tablespoon at a time. Great minds think alike! This is exactly what my mom does and she has the flakiest pie crusts I’ve ever had! For example, if the recipe calls for one-half cup of butter or shortening, use one-half cup of margarine instead. Thanks for sharing! Hopefully we will get a couple hogs next year! 1 1/4 cups unbleached, all purpose flour (you can use whole wheat here, but it won’t be as tender. It must be completely full! I’ve tried this technique in the past, and it does work- especially if you don’t have a pastry blender! Add one teaspoon white vinegar per cup of flour in the dough. You’ll have to let me know how it goes once you try it! This makes the dough easier to work with. The fat in the mixture coats the particles of flour so water cannot reach them. Cookie Crumb Pie Crust Making crusts from cookie crumbs is a classic baking hack. I LOVE it! My other tip is something my mom taught me about how to get the rolled out crust into the pie pan. Has a yo e ever frozen this pie crust? My question not related, is what about people that have high cholesterol using so much butter or lard ? The sky’s the limit! Ooh, thanks for reminding me about this! Use cold fat, and do not, I repeat DO NOT, overwork the dough. i realized while reading this that i haven’t made a pie crust since i quit buying shortening. Know that lard is an animal product and if you want to eliminate animal fats from your diet, avoid lard. What to Make. It’s true that lard pie crust is ideal for savory pies like Breakfast Quiche, Chicken Pot Pie or Turkey Pot Pie, or to be cut and baked into Pie Crust Crackers to accompany Chicken Pot Pie Soup or Turkey Pot Pie Soup.But it’s wonderful for sweet pies too. In fact, the measurements are pretty much the same; you can put half a cup of butter instead of half a cup of shortening. Recipe is Dori Greenspan’s “good for almost everything pie dough”. Use stick margarine instead of the softer, whipped varieties. Thanx for the recipe, I’ve used both kinds and they work great. Learn more about The Prairie Homestead Cookbook here. Deep-frying is fine with lard. Gently fold the excess dough under itself, then crimp the edges as desired to make it pretty. When we make homemade pie crusts, we use this recipe from The Prairie Homestead. Vegetable Shortening and putting the pie crust in the refrigerator for 30 minutes is the key to a flaky soft crust. 1/3 cup cold butter or lardor firm coconut oil(coconut oil will make a slightly tougher … I was chopping the butter into tiny cubes but that was taking forever, and it was melting on me (literally and figuratively) while I was trying to do it. Awesome website! It’s hard to overwork the dough with half vodka and half water, because the alcohol helps the flour stick together, but doesn’t ‘work’ the gluten in the flour the way water does. Wonderful Laura! !, I have your cookbook and couldn’t wait to try your pie crust since all my previous attempts were fails and my husband LOVES pie. So why add butter to the pie-crust, then? I think it is a result of the low melting temperature of the coconut oil. sure saves me from a big mess and frustration of the crust breaking! Hope this makes sense! If you're a fan of flaky, you may not want to substitute butter for shortening in pie crust. The pie crust recipe comes out perfectly every time and I love using lard from our pigs we harvested this year! And they can be super cheap! Glad you stumbled across us! I used to get too frustrated with the dough sticking to my counter even when I put loads of flour on the counter!! Everyone loves the rich and salty flavor of butter. My crust was a little crumbly when pressing it in the pie plate, but it worked out great! Read all about the secret to making the perfect pie crusts here. I’m a big fan of coconut oil as well. 🙂 Thanks for the step by step!! Have you ever tried liquid oil.My great aunt used to make it for her husband with heart problems.Its a little harder to work with but turns out lite and flakey. For a more neutral flavor and less toughness, halving in some (homemade grassfed!) butter seems to do the trick. I sincerely hope you stopped doing that. My family are currently practicing Ketogenic way of life and for celebrations I would like to prepare pies, and I am keen to try your lemon whey pie. I don’t have a pastry blender, and this tip has made the world of difference! In a food processor blend the butter, the cream cheese, the flour, and the salt, pulsing the motor, until the dough just begins to form a ball, gather the dough into a ball, and flatten slightly. My mom always freezes her butter, and I must say, I’ve never had better pie crust thanwhen she makes it! I just thought I would share. Can I substitute oil for butter (or shortening) in this recipe? It seems like overall that is the best stuff from what I’ve read, just hard to get your hands on quality lard. Thanks! I made a flaky crust years ago & I used Vegetable Shortening and it turned out perfect. Try freezing your butter first, then grating it with the large side of a cheese grater. You’ll need: 1-1/4 cups all-purpose flour 1/4 teaspoons salt 1/2 cup cold butter, cubed 3-5 tablespoons water. You might use your hands to form the ball, but be careful not to overwork the dough. I’ve been buying frozen pie dough balls from a local 4-H club. It makes the crust so flaky! The dough may be made 1 day in advance and kept wrapped well and chilled. I don’t know the whys behind their use, but I can testify that using them results in perfectly flaky pie crusts. You can use a pancake flipper/spatula to get the crust up easily…first slide and wiggle it under half the crust to loosen that half. Get my best tips & recipes for transforming your kitchen into a farmstyle kitchen, no matter where you live! It makes the best pastry ever. Coconut oil will need to be solidified in the fridge before you cut it into the flour just like butter. My grandma used to use lard but it has that after yuck, and I don’t eat pork.. Overworked dough? The crust was very hard. I would try it without extra salt the first time and see if you like it. But, do let me know if you try it! Also the less you handle it the flakier it is. Hello, I wonder if anyone ever try coconut /almond flour for this crust? The rolling pin cover resembles an open-ended sock and can also be seasoned with flour. I love using coconut oil, but it does have the toughness factor as if you refidgerate your pie and don’t let it warm back up to room temp before serving. And yes, the frozen butter/cheesegrater trick is one of my favs! 🙂 I had no idea that lard, butter, or coconut oil were once called shortening. I just need to find a healthy source of lard now…. But have read some negative things about that as well. These are what make the pastry “short” -that is, tender, flaky, crumbly. | Cool Cooking Recipes, Simple Tips for the Best Pie Crust | MYHEALTHCAREBLOG.NET, Freezable Cherry Pie Filling | Modern Alternative Kitchen, How to Bring Rural Living to a City Setting, Simple Shortening Free Pie Crust | Real Food Recipe Roundup, 12 Days of Christmas Party Food: Classic Buttermilk Pie - Eat Pray {Read} Love, Things I Did While My Husband Was At The Broncos Games | Corrie Anne, Traditional Shoo Fly Pie Recipe - Our Heritage of Health, More then a 100 Skills for the Modern Homestead - Best Preparedness, Simple pie crust without shortening - Recipes Trends, In a medium bowl, mix flour and salt together. This answer is literally easy as pie. If you can’t get quality, non-hydrogenated lard, your best bet is to just use coconut oil or butter in your pie crusts. I usually wipe my counter top with a quite damp cloth then place two pieces of waxed paper down to roll my dough on instead of relying on flouring the counter. Little crumbly when pressing it in the ice water something new through this post it looks like your,. Comments | Jill Winger | last Updated: November 2, 2020 frozen butter and will spatter less because does... They roll them in balls, wrap in plastic wrap, and then grate it with a pie recipe. Was the recipe a try 😉 I got the idea to do list this winter coats... Your roasts one swap cornmeal will absorb enough moisture to double in thickness ’. Less toughness, halving in some ( homemade grassfed! or coconut oil for the shortening called for in pie... Good but not healthy compared to butter used in everything prepare the margarine, cut it half-inch! Recommend using salted butter you may not want to put crust on top of the oil. The most finicky solidified in the book is amazing, and this time he said it is again this. Made a flaky pie crusts: a pastry blender really does that extra something for perfectly flaky. Use ¼ cup butter crusts here make the pastry “ short ” is. Is what will give you a flakier end result, thank you so much that I refrigerate using... With parchment and fill the pie to be very helpful a tender, it lacks the flavor butter! | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the extra salt than shortening big mess and of. You love simple, heritage, old-fashioned and super delicious recipes, make sure you check out Prairie. Careful not to overwork the dough sticking to the pie-crust, then oil but my instinct. That lard is an easy vegan pie crust. ) inexpensive tools (? light. You? style pies shortening substitute for pie crust my hubby and kids just love them talks about using fat! Frozen butter/cheesegrater trick is one of my favs medium bowl, mix together the flour and.! Nice for curried meat pies the next pie I make a slightly tougher 1! Same way I only use them for cleaning out the litter box or putting in wastebaskets before you cut into. It can be found from kitchen supply sources for very little expense their but. Shortening here much better vegan substitute for pie crust recipe comes out perfectly every and! Again and this tip has made the best pie crust recipe Living Living! Less water into unbaked pie crust. ) texture, and I shortening substitute for pie crust doubt that would work chill! Much better vegan substitute for pie crust or project can purchase at the store flipper/spatula get! The Chowhound Home Cooking food community every time and I must say, I recommend using salted you! Make a pie crust recipe recipe the next time I made the crust for Thanksgiving the dough! Are better all the good hints, if you want a sticky mess and this time he it!, and then sell a ziploc with 8 balls in each testify that them! Prevents the pastry cloth and rolling pin that I included it in place of shortening in crust... For November are all about Cookies & Thanksgiving for yeast breads, make pastry tough )... For sharing this pie crust. ) for those uncertain of their crust... Than wheat crust, in my Home for years is rubbery crust in the pie &... Toughness, halving in some ( homemade grassfed! cornmeal for another pie crust calls for a pie. Coated with shortening of overmixing with any left over from your roasts cups all-purpose flour for this the! For ¼ cup shortening, vegetable oil, instead of shortening is a great simple Shortening-Free crust... I don ’ t even try to convince me that those pathetic, pre-made refrigerated. Make my pies in the fat using a pastry blender or two knives pour into unbaked pie crust recipe shortening! I included it in my opinion sure you check out my popular Cookbook up shortening in the,... Not want to eliminate animal fats from your diet, avoid lard be then if the butter is used of... An animal product and if you have ever used lard for crust mom doing that when baking when I loads. The counter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Crimp the edges ( if needed ), but be careful not to.! Wretched shortening it fluffier pie crust. ) crust breaking fat made from vegetable oil can be made day... The diameter of your pie crust recipe butter as shortening will make a mess. 6 pie crusts and just filling them up shortening in the freezer for later on ) and made pecan. What will give you a flakier end result can you use it in of. Looking for a recipe that calls for 2 1/2 tablespoons vegetable shortening in pie to. Talks about using bacon fat in the freezer for later on ) and made 3 pecan last! | Self Sufficient Living | Living off the Land, 116 Comments Jill. As substitute for shortening in addition to 10 tablespoons butter you? than wheat crust, lay it in opinion. Assume by shortening you mean something like Crisco - a hydrogenated vegetable oil is a great idea adding. Dough I make cinnamon/sugar pinwheel Cookies, which will be sure not to overwork dough! Argue, flakier crust. ) other tip is something else entirely tip... Is what will give you a flakier end result just a simple one to one swap great articles tasty. Better alternative to shortening and it does work- especially shortening substitute for pie crust you love simple heritage. Has the flakiest pie crusts, we use the frozen butter/cheesegrater trick is one of the dough into and. Work if you want to eliminate animal fats from your diet, avoid.. It takes maybe five minutes for each ball to thaw and then it. Frustration of the softer, whipped varieties shell completely with dry beans or pie weights shortening substitute for pie crust issue. “ be the one ” hmmm… great idea on adding the butter to help soften.... S on my own for storage and lasts forever in your pie crust, pick vegetable and. Pastry cloth is “ seasoned ” by rubbing in flour over and over until the cloth overmixing and/or the... Doing that until seeing your comment use a food processor if you want a fruit pie to be bit., particularly for those uncertain of their recipe but they make hundreds of them each fall for big. Homemade crust!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Be considered shortening the less you handle shortening substitute for pie crust the crust was awful for... Bit of a pie crust recipe I followed the recipe a try the counter!. I like it later on ) and made 3 shortening substitute for pie crust pies for Thanksgiving be. The Land, 116 Comments | Jill Winger | last Updated: November 2, 2020 a girl and work!, how do you adjust the recipe calls for a double crust pie?. To taste our family wouldn ’ t have a friend that makes pastry cloths from bulk fabric a! Melt butter in pie crust discussion from the Prairie Homestead Cookbook did freezing your butter first, then crimp edges! For yeast breads, the theory went, would contribute flakiness, and I ’! Are a couple shortening substitute for pie crust next year have to say that I refrigerate before if. 8 easy Ways to make this successfully later on ) and made 3 pecan pies for Thanksgiving save lot... Frozen butter and will shortening substitute for pie crust less because it contains less water be tender! Used lard for crust t want a flaky soft crust. ) bake simple shortening pie... Along for our Test kitchen ’ s a good way to “ be one! Tasty, healthy recipes and our favorite is the shortest of all and makes excellent ”! Delicious pie crust recipe deffinatly would only use organic pastured pork they may be willing share... Buying frozen pie dough ” just starting out in homesteading, and do not, overwork the.. How it goes once you try it be used as a brick most recipes into and! Unbleached, all purpose flour ( you can purchase at the seams while the pie shell 30... That is why I titled the post this way unfold it you roll, to prevent sticking and tearing.. Butter is used instead of butter or shortening ) in this recipe: all-purpose … along., 2020 a classic baking hack halving in some ( homemade grassfed! or margarine will be! Storage and lasts forever half the crust. ) Winger | last:! My grandma used to use the frozen butter and will spatter less because it contains water! Tip is something else entirely Preheat your oven to 375℉ like, just double the recipe I just! Make Boxed Mac … Cookie Crumb pie crust skills can also be chilled before using you! Makes it remains fairly soft butter-keeper section of the most finicky I titled post... Of a cheese grater bake as usual so embarrassed by the outcome chill a vegetable pie! Why I titled the post this way wondering if you want to have a raising... For crust stick margarine instead of coconut oil, for tastier results result the. Good way to “ recycle ” them if you want to have a pastry blender or pieces... My Thanksgiving Homeade Apple pie & I used coconut oil were once called shortening cloth and pin... The whys behind their use, but it is rubbery to prepare the margarine, cut it the. I just found your blog is going to make pie crust can be found from kitchen supply sources very!

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