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UG Courses - Home Science. Dehydration - Concepts and assessment Page. UG Courses - Fisheries Science. The participants of the Launch Workshop included all the University Officers (Deans and Directors), Chairman and Members of e-Learning Apex Committee constituted by the University for the Project, Heads of Depts. UG Courses - Agricultural Engineering. IP is on Microsoft-IIS/6.0 works with 906 ms speed. ()Page path. Home. We hope we are able to add to your learning experience. Welcome to RAJUVAS . UG Courses - Horticulture. Learning objective Page. of Rajasthan. Toxemia Page. Neonatal diarrhea Page. UG Courses - Home Science LOGIN : ACTIVITIES & OBJECTIVES ... Training of the identified teachers (course content developers) of TANUVAS on orientation training and on e-content development and multimedia development. UG Courses - Dairy Technology. Shock Page. Collapse all. International Day for Preventing the Exploitation of the Environment in War and Armed Conflict You must be logged in to add gadgets that are only visible to you Skip course categories. Courses. Existing Courses. Septicemia Page. UG Courses - Agricultural Engineering. Principles of antimicrobial therapy Page. World ranking 538753 altough the site value is $4 008.The charset for this site is … Site news. Stages of shock Page. The 'e-learning' files below can even be accessed from the comfort of home using your home broadband connection. Misinformation or artifact: A new way to think about machine learning COVID-19 infection combined with blood clots worsens patient outcomes, study finds Shift … UG Courses - Horticulture. Course categories. Home / Courses Search courses: Site title of www.elearnvet.net is e-Learning@TANUVAS. RAJUVAS, Bikaner is established (under section (3) of section 1 of the Rajasthan University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences Act) by Govt. e-Krishi Shiksha. Dehydration - Correcting fluid imbalnces Page. You are not logged in. Self Learning Materials in printed form are prepared and distributed to the candidates. UG Courses - Dairy Technology. Septicemia in equine neonates Page. Normally a course has been divided into 4-5 units; accordingly the course materials are prepared along with questions for individual units. You are not logged in. Existing Courses. Content delivery / Learning strategy.

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