glacier point to illilouette backpacking

Glacier Point is about sixteen miles in from Wawona Road along Glacier Point Road. So you start at 8 am, you will be at Illilouette Fall at 9 am. Once you reach Nevada Falls fill … This is a 5 mile trail if you go all the way to the river - which you definitely should. Back then we didn't complete the entire trek because of time, but we had descended from Glacier Point to beyond Illilouette Creek and almost all the way up to Panorama Point. In total, the whole hike is only 6.5 miles round trip, but loses 1,400 of elevation on the way down to Illilouette Creek before climbing 400 feet up to Panorama Point. The trail starts at Glacier Point. During peak season, there may also be shuttles from Yosemite Valley. The lower elevation also makes this a great early summer trip. Yosemite Falls Wikipedia. Starting At Glacier Point, then hiking up Illilouette Creek to Lower Ottoway Lake, over Red Peak Pass, to Red Devil Lake. The beginning of the trail is off to the right if you are facing the point … Begin the adventure at Glacier Point (Yosemite’s number one attraction) with panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada high country. descent to the valley floor. My question is, how is the hikes difficulty level? Photo Gallery: Yosemite - Glacier Point to Illilouette Falls. Finally down to little Yosemite Valley for a swim in the river, and out at Glacier Point via the Panoramic Cliffs. Glacier Point to Illilouette Creek Day 3 Hiking trail in Curry Village, California (United States). It is also possible to extend this hike into an advanced trip to Red Peak Pass and beyond. Illilouette Creek should be a reliable water source. Walking beside towering waterfalls, viewing the Valley from the Yosemite Panorama Trail and Glacier Point, and an awesome descent and return to the Valley from the historic 4-mile trail offering incredible views of El Capitan. Then Down the Triple Divide Fork to The Merced River. From the valley Follow 41 for 9 miles to Glacier Point Road on the left. Continue left towards Illilouette Creek to find plenty of suitable camping areas. A little less than a mile after the creek crossing, you’ll reach a junction with the Mono Meadows trailhead. Hike along the cables to the summit of Half Dome and gaze down almost 5,000 feet into Yosemite Valley! From Panorama Point, we’ll catch incredible views of Glacier Point, North Dome, Basket Domes, Half Dome and the Royal Arches. Glacier Point to Illilouette and Nevada Falls April 20, 2016. For a longer day, consider continuing on along the Panorama Trail to the valley floor (see Panorama Trail). Small Group. The Panorama Trail trailhead at Glacier Point is located near the Glacier Point Amphitheater at a clearly-marked junction. Illilouette Ridge is the highest point along the Glacier Point Road in Yosemite National Park about 2 miles south of Glacier Point and about 1 mile northeast of Ostrander Rocks. Go S from Happy Isles along Merced River and wrap around Sierra Point; see Glacier Point across Illilouette Gorge to W. NFL002. You can almost push your babystoller down because most of it is so flat. Glacier Point to Yosemite Valley (strenuous) Four Mile Trail: 4.8 miles (7.7 km) one-way; 3 to 4 hours Panorama Trail: 8.5 miles (13.6 km) one-way; 6 to 8 hours Begin at Glacier Point. From Yosemite Valley, find the highway 41 valley exit and take it nine miles (14.5 km) to the same road. Ostrander Lake 11.4 miles (18.3 km) round-trip. Begin the adventure at Glacier Point (Yosemite’s number one attraction) with panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada high country. This is bear country, and they have ways of “opening” your car that you might not appreciate. I’d like to get a permit for GP to Illilouette, and then down to HI, but I’m not sure how I’d get back to GP for my car, or up there in the first place to start the trip if leaving the car in the valley. Begin the adventure at Glacier Point (Yosemite’s number one attraction) with panoramic views of the Sierra Nevada high country. Once you cross the bridge at Illilouette Falls you go up Panorama Point and head back down to Nevada Falls (5,971 feet).

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